Posted by: holagurrl1235 | July 23, 2009

Dance Camp!

         Ehmagawd!! Mass’s birthday is coming up!! I can’t wait! The party is going to be ah-mazing x1000!! But we nawt revealing the party theme till next week. Sawry!

          Now to me! I have just found out that I have dance camp the week of August 16-22. Can’t wait to see the girls again! It’s going to be hardcore dancing. NON-STOP! Just how I like! I’m going to be doing Jazz, modern, hip-hop, and ballet/pointe. I really wanted to do ballroom but I’m going to layta this year.

           Josh and I are really going stroung for everyone who wants to know. He still is RL cute and plays soccer which luckly he has soccer camp the same week I have my dancing. So it’s nawt like I’m nawt going to see him cause we will be away the same days.

           Well I’m going to watch So You Think You Can Dance now!! Go Kayla!!!!

I heart you!
Posted by: holagurrl1235 | July 19, 2009


Hey everyone!!! It’s me Alicia Rivera!! Yes the one and only!! I blah-ging and talking! If you havn’t noticed.

Well Mass made me get this blog but I don’t know if I cant go on it alot. I will deff try my best to though! Atleast once a week at the most.

I heart you!
Alicia Rivera

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